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Professional Excellence at the Heart of Paris: Discover the Workspaces in the 14th Arrondissement

The 14th arrondissement of Paris stands out as a prime destination for businesses seeking an office for rent in Paris 14. This dynamic and strategically located neighborhood offers an ideal setting for companies of all sizes, from innovative startups to established corporations.

The Unmatched Advantages of the 14th for Your Business Establishment

Choosing a workspace in the 14th arrondissement means opting for a stimulating and well-connected environment. The area benefits from exceptional public transportation links, making it easy for your teams and clients to get around. Additionally, the vibrant local life and access to a pool of qualified talent make this district a wise choice for establishing your headquarters or secondary offices.

Sought-After Districts in the 14th: A Gem for Your Business

The 14th arrondissement is full of attractive areas to set up your offices:

  1. Montparnasse: The perfect blend of history and modernity

  2. Petit Montrouge: A village-like atmosphere in the heart of the capital

  3. Rue Daguerre: A vibrant and friendly shopping street

  4. Rue d'Alésia: A major thoroughfare offering optimal visibility

These areas are appealing due to their unique charm and their ability to attract a diverse clientele, ideal for boosting your activity and enhancing your brand image.

Pricing Tailored to Every Business Project

Rental prices for professional spaces in the 14th range from €300 to €650/m² per year, offering solutions for all budgets. This range reflects the diversity of available premises, from traditional offices to innovative coworking spaces.

Key Criteria for Selecting Your Ideal Workspace in the 14th

To find the perfect office in this sought-after district, consider these essential factors:

  • Suitability of your activity with the ambiance of the chosen neighborhood

  • The size of your team to determine the necessary area

  • Your budget allocated for rental

  • Associated services (reception, catering, meeting spaces)

  • Accessibility for your employees and partners

The Evolution of the Commercial Real Estate Market in the 14th

The office rental sector in the 14th arrondissement is experiencing positive dynamics. The growing demand for flexible and innovative workspaces, such as coworking, highlights the attractiveness of this district among a varied and demanding clientele.

Fiveoffices: Your Partner for Finding the Ideal Office in Paris 14

Fiveoffices stands out as the essential partner in your search for a professional space in the 14th. Their tailored and impartial approach ensures that you find the location that perfectly matches your needs and business vision.

A Simplified and Efficient Rental Process with Fiveoffices

  1. In-depth analysis of your professional requirements

  2. Meticulous selection of spaces meeting your criteria

  3. Organization of personalized visits

  4. Support during negotiations and contract finalization

  5. Assistance for a smooth and hassle-free installation

Fiveoffices Expertise at Your Service

Fiveoffices is distinguished by:

  • A diverse range of workspaces in the 14th arrondissement

  • Flexible solutions tailored to teams of 5 to 500 people

  • A constantly updated catalog with 40 new listings per week

  • Personalized support throughout your search journey

New Trends in Office Real Estate in the 14th

The 14th arrondissement is at the forefront of innovations in professional spaces:

  • Eco-friendly offices integrating sustainable practices

  • Modular spaces adapting to your evolving needs

  • Premises designed to promote employee well-being and productivity

  • Integration of cutting-edge technologies to optimize the work experience

The 14th: A Hub for Innovative Companies

This arrondissement is increasingly attracting companies in the new technology and creative economy sectors. This trend is explained by:

  • The presence of renowned startup incubators and accelerators

  • A favorable ecosystem for innovation and professional synergies

  • Inspiring workspaces conducive to creativity and exchange

The Hidden Gems of the 14th: Prestigious Addresses for Your Business

The 14th is home to exceptional locations for setting up your offices:

  • Parc Montsouris neighborhood: A green setting for high-end offices

  • Villa d'Alésia: A chic residential complex, ideal for upscale offices

  • Porte d'Orléans area: A dynamic and rapidly evolving zone

  • Around Place Denfert-Rochereau: A central and prestigious location

These locations offer an exceptional work environment, combining prestige, comfort, and accessibility.

The Lifestyle of the 14th: An Asset for Your Business

Choosing an office for rent in Paris 14 also means offering your teams an exceptional living environment:

  • Renowned green spaces like Parc Montsouris for refreshing breaks

  • A rich cultural offer with renowned theaters and museums

  • Varied gastronomy, perfect for business lunches or after-works

  • Quality shops to facilitate the daily life of your employees

Fiveoffices: Your Gateway to Real Estate Excellence in the 14th arrondissement of Paris

With Fiveoffices, benefit from expert support to find the office that will perfectly embody the identity and ambitions of your company in the 14th arrondissement. Their in-depth knowledge of the local market and personalized approach guarantee you will find the ideal place for your professional activity.

In conclusion, opting for an office for rent in Paris 14 with the support of Fiveoffices means choosing a dynamic, accessible, and perfectly suited professional environment to meet the modern demands of businesses. Whether you are looking for a traditional space or a more flexible solution, the 14th arrondissement will meet your expectations, backed by the expertise and customized support of Fiveoffices. Embark on this new professional adventure and discover the full potential that the 14th arrondissement can offer your business.


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Our team will support you in your Paris 14 coworking search, whatever your needs may be. Fiveoffices is a platform for coworking spaces rental that meets the needs of businesses to find cool, flexible, turnkey offices that suit them. Our promise is simple: 40 new listings published each week to provide you with the maximum choice in Paris 14.

On average, a seat in a private space in a coworking in Paris 14 is 719 euros per month, everything included.

The fundamental difference between service provision and the traditional 3/6/9 lease centers on the added flexibility and supplementary services the former provides. In contrast to the 3/6/9 lease, burdened by extended commitments and concealed costs (including renovations, upkeep, taxes, and additional fees), service provision contracts present a straightforward pricing framework that covers all associated expenses and grants unparalleled flexibility regarding the contract term.

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