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Fiveoffices finds offices
twice as cool
as your budget!

All spaces on the platform are turnkey, all-inclusive, and flexible in duration.

Our observation

A waste of time, money, and space

Long-term office leases are no longer suitable for today's businesses. Commit for 3 | 6 | 9 years? Pay 6 months of security deposit? Review 20 pages of lease contracts? Visit 20 spaces before you can make your choice? Spend time and money setting it up? Rent, heat, and light space you no longer or do not yet need today?

What if there was an easy, quick, and economical way to rent super cool offices – fully equipped, flexible, and currently unoccupied?

Our solution

An ultra-easy and quick platform

Fiveoffices offers an intuitive platform that identifies real estate gems. In just a few clicks and no time at all, you have access to all available offices in your city, with flexible terms, turnkey, and perfectly suited to the needs of today's small and medium-sized businesses. Everything is done online: search, contract, payment.

Need help with your search? Our team assists businesses like yours throughout your search, from pre-selecting offices tailored to you to signing the contract.

A real platform! It’s custom-made for you.

Our commitment

Discover spaces seen nowhere else

Our commitment: to offer you, in addition to the 1,200 offices on the platform, at least 40 new offices every week in your city. Our teams work tirelessly to find and list the best office spaces!

Flexible office? Operated office? Confused?
It’s simple.

These are furnished spaces, fully equipped with furniture, services included, with commitments from 2 to 35 months, and no upfront security deposit.

Why choose Fiveoffices?

Fiveoffices is:

0% commission
  • Min. 40 new offices per week.
  • 0% commission.
  • Turnkey spaces, ready to use.
  • Flexible commitments from 2 to 35 months.
  • Over 1,000 offices online in Paris.

Fiveoffices is not:

  • Partial recommendations.
  • 3 | 6 | 9-year commitments.
  • Standard offices, seen everywhere.
  • Hidden costs.
  • Complex leases that lock you in.

Concrete results

A meteoric rise

The market: it’s always more flexible contracts and turnkey offices. Today's businesses seek flexibility and ease. Fiveoffices meets exactly this need. That's why, in just a few months, we have already concluded more than 250 transactions!

Office building illustation

Fiveoffices is a PropTech start-up born in 2022 from the will and obsession to fill empty office spaces (yes! It’s our mission now, our DNA, we love it!). Fiveoffices raised €3.2m in 2022.

Meet our team

Young professionals from different backgrounds who found a home at Fiveoffices, in Paris and Luxembourg.

Fiveoffices team
Our team: passionate individuals from top companies!
DennemeyerAirbnbSpuerkeessPledgPWCBarclaysCompany 7PleoTalkwalkerGeodisDeutsche Bank
Bébéto Kponton
Account Executive
Tiffany Pichon
Host & Guest Success Manager
Andrea Ragghianti
UI/UX Designer
Niko Immonen
Account Executive
Ilan Freising
Head of Sales
Dmitri Barabanov
Senior Software Engineer
Max Sevenig
Software Engineer
Maxime Jacques
Head of Product
Camille Segard
Host Success Representative
Kim Laplume
Tech Lead
Valentin Hernoux
SEA Manager
Quentin Branger
Account Executive
Philippe Coulon
Alejandro Vilgrain
Host & Supply Manager
Pierre Harington
Growth Hacking Manager
Aisling McCaffrey
Marketing Technology
Jeni Percic
Senior Software Engineer
Valentine Chedru
Head of Marketing
Marion Sebaux
Host & Guest Success Manager
Aline Boullot
Sales Development Representative
Osman Koné
Account Executive

Key Numbers

workstations rented
new offices per week
passionate individuals
m² rented

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