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We easily connect entrepreneurs with empty office space for rent with entrepreneurs looking for full or part-time office space.


Rent shared offices at competitive prices via our marketplace. Optimise your budget and minimise your costs by only renting the amount of space that you actually need.


Discover our selection of flexible offices: shared offices, private offices, or open space offices. Rent a work space from 2 to 24 months, part-time or full-time. Don’t bother with noisy coworking spaces - opt instead for the flexibility of Fiveoffices.


Choose a more sustainable alternative to coworking. Share offices with another company reduce your carbon footprint. Take advantage of office spaces that are already built, lit, and heated and we can create a more sustainable business model together.


Build stronger connections than in a traditional coworking spaces! Meet other professionals and create new synergies by sharing your workspace with another company. In addition, shared offices allows for matching and exchanging skills.

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Offices in paris


We’re here to support your search for an office in Paris. Say goodbye to the crowded coworking spaces found in the capital, and find your flexible office among the large choice of offices available for rent on our platform. Whether you’re an ambitious startup or an established SME, Paris is the perfect place to do business.
Offices in Luxembourg


Find your flexible office in Luxembourg and grow your business in the heart of Europe. With its thriving economy and booming entrepreneurial ecosystem, Luxembourg is the perfect place for companies of all sizes.

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