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Office rental in Paris: a flexible, tailored solution

Advantages of renting an office in Paris

Renting an office in Paris offers many advantages for companies. The French capital is a major economic center, offering exceptional accessibility thanks to its well-developed transport infrastructure, including metro, RER, bus and streetcar. Paris is also an international hub, facilitating trade and business travel. What's more, the city abounds in dynamic and diverse neighborhoods, each with its own unique strengths in terms of services, amenities and ambience.

Office rental price ranges by neighborhood

Office rental prices in Paris vary considerably by arrondissement and district. Here's an overview of price ranges by arrondissement:



Paris 1

550€ / m2 / year

Paris 2

512€ / m2 / year

Paris 3

530€ / m2 / year

Paris 4

550€ / m2 / year

Paris 5

500€ / m2 / year

Paris 6

500€ / m2 / year

Paris 7

520€ / m2 / year

Paris 8

550€ / m2 / year

Paris 9

590€ / m2 / year

Paris 10

610€ / m2 / year

Paris 11

470€ / m2 / year

Paris 12

460€ / m2 / year

Paris 13

430€ / m2 / year

Paris 14

390€ / m2 / year

Paris 15

400€ / m2 / year

Paris 16

400€ / m2 / year

Paris 17

490€ / m2 / year

Paris 18

510€ / m2 / year

Paris 19

380€ / m2 / year

Paris 20

330€ / m2 / year

Criteria to consider when looking for an office to rent

When looking for an office to rent, there are several criteria to consider:

  • Type of business: your company's type of business can influence the choice of district. For example, communications companies may prefer the Opéra district, while start-ups may prefer Châtelet.

  • Number of employees: the size of your team will determine the surface area required.

  • Budget: establish a clear budget, taking into account rent, service charges and utilities.

  • Accessibility: proximity to public transport is crucial to facilitate employee and customer mobility.

  • Services and equipment: check which services are included in the rent, such as internet access, meeting rooms, maintenance, etc.

Rental process at Fiveoffices

At Fiveoffices, the rental process is designed to be simple and transparent. Here are the key steps:

Needs definition: our sales team helps you define your requirements in terms of surface area, office type and budget.

  • Offer selection: we offer you a selection of spaces matching your criteria, including operated offices, coworking spaces and flexible offices.

  • Visits: arrange visits to the selected offices to assess their suitability for your requirements.

  • Negotiation and signature: we assist you in negotiating the terms of the rental agreement and signing the lease.

  • Installation: take advantage of ready-to-use offices with all the services you need to start your business immediately.

Special and flexible offers

Fiveoffices offers flexible solutions tailored to the needs of modern businesses. Whether you're looking for coworking space, a private office or temporarily unoccupied space to share, we have options for you. Our offers include short-term contracts, modular spaces and all-inclusive services for maximum flexibility.

Trends in the Paris office rental market

The Paris office rental market is constantly evolving. Current trends show a growing demand for flexible, well-equipped spaces, adapted to new working methods such as telecommuting and coworking. Central districts such as the Quartier Central des Affaires (QCA) and La Défense remain highly sought-after, while emerging areas such as the 10th and 11th arrondissements are gaining in popularity thanks to more affordable rents and a dynamic atmosphere.

As a conclusion, renting an office in Paris with Fiveoffices allows you to benefit from personalized support and find the ideal space for your business, whatever your sector of activity or the size of your team.

With Fiveoffices, your next offices are ready. 

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