Coworking and Flexible Offices in Paris 16

Coworking and flexible offices in Paris 16

The 16th arrondissement of Paris, known for its calm and elegance, offers an ideal setting for businesses looking for flexible office spaces, coworking in a chic and prestigious environment. Bordered by the Paris ring road and the Seine River, this district combines tranquility, architectural beauty and accessibility, making it a preferred choice for professionals.

A prestigious neighborhood

The 16th arrondissement is known to be one of the most upscale neighborhoods in Paris. It is home to many iconic landmarks, such as the Palais de Tokyo and the Palais de Chaillot, as well as beautiful parks and museums. This prestigious atmosphere is conducive to the creation and development of professional activities, offering an exceptional working environment for both startups and independent workers.

Diverse public transportation

Accessibility is decent in the 16th arrondissement. With bus lines, RER (A and C), and metro (1, 2, 6, 9, and 10) traversing the district, professionals benefit from optimal mobility to reach their coworking space or meet their clients in other parts of the city or the Île-de-France region.

A collaborative work environment

The 16th arrondissement offers a variety of coworking spaces and flexible offices with durations ranging from 2 to 35 months, from the Auteuil district, energized by the proximity to Boulogne-Billancourt, to the Trocadéro district, with its breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower. These collaborative workspaces are designed to stimulate innovation and facilitate professional meetings in an exceptional setting.

Multiple advantages for businesses

Opting for coworking in the 16th arrondissement means benefiting from numerous advantages:

  • Flexibility: Coworking spaces offer great adaptability, allowing businesses to grow at their own pace.
  • Cost control: With all-inclusive subscriptions, businesses enjoy simplified financial management.
  • Diverse spaces: Whether in an open space to foster interactions or in private offices for more confidentiality, the 16th arrondissement offers solutions tailored to every need.

Accessibility and mobility

The ease of access to the 16th arrondissement and the ability to easily travel around Paris and its surroundings enhance the attractiveness of this district for diverse flexible spaces. Professionals can maximize their time and efficiency, benefiting from a strategic location in the heart of the capital.

Choosing a coworking space in the 16th arrondissement means opting for an office in one of the chicest neighborhoods in Paris. Whether in Chaillot, Porte-Dauphine, La Muette, or Auteuil, professionals enjoy tranquility and a high-end environment, promoting concentration and productivity.

In conclusion, the 16th arrondissement of Paris stands out as a preferred location for coworking spaces, combining prestige, accessibility, and flexibility. It offers a unique opportunity for businesses wishing to establish themselves in an exceptional setting while benefiting from a collaborative and innovative dynamic.

Flexible offices / coworking in Paris 16

Coworking spaces and flexible offices in Paris 16 are perfectly suited to this new era of collaborative work. They cater to the needs of all types of businesses, small or large, influenced by the startup spirit. The various types of offices offered by Fiveoffices combine a super trendy style with more traditional offices, but in any case, they provide a cool work environment, twice as cool even!

By choosing to settle in Paris 16, you opt for a workplace within a dynamic and inspiring ecosystem. This is where history, culture, and modernity converge, creating a stimulating and conducive professional environment for businesses and professionals.

Coworking spaces: flexible and inspiring solutions

Paris 16 offers a great diversity of shared workspaces and flexible offices that perfectly suit modern businesses. These sites are equipped with a multitude of meeting rooms to meet the specific needs of users. In addition to furnished offices and meeting spaces, they also offer relaxation areas and personalized services, thus creating an environment conducive to creativity and productivity.

Located in the heart of Paris, Paris 16 is a prime choice for entrepreneurs and businesses looking for a central, dynamic, and well-connected location. This district combines accessibility, innovation, and quality of life, thus creating a stimulating and inspiring work environment that promotes business development and professional growth.

Various alternatives to coworking in Paris 16

In recent years, Paris 16 has become an important cultural, artistic, and fashion hub, as well as an increasingly popular place for innovation and entrepreneurship. In this dynamic city, the professional landscape is evolving rapidly, as evidenced by the remarkable growth of coworking spaces and shared offices. These spaces go beyond being mere shared workspaces; they reflect changes in the practices and expectations of modern businesses, offering flexibility, networking opportunities, and inspiration in stimulating and well-designed environments.

Coworking in Paris 16 caters to a wide range of people, from independent entrepreneurs to employees of large companies, demonstrating the versatility and appeal of these spaces. Nearly 20% of coworking spaces now accommodate large company teams, reflecting their increasing integration into startup real estate strategies, regardless of their size. This represents a profound change in the way workspaces are designed, focusing on flexibility, sharing, and employee well-being.

In response to this growing demand, the use of flexible offices has become an attractive alternative for businesses looking to optimize their rental costs without sacrificing the quality of their workspaces, regardless of the number of workstations they need. These solutions not only offer great adaptability in terms of size and rental duration, but also access to well-equipped and well-designed workspaces, usually located in central and lively neighborhoods of Paris. Entrepreneurs looking to manage their budgets rigorously while enjoying a stimulating and professional environment will find variable-duration offices particularly interesting.

The main players in the Parisian coworking market, such as WeWork, Morning, Wojo, and Spaces, actively contribute to this transformation by offering innovative and ever-evolving workspaces, including private spaces. These sites offer comprehensive services and great flexibility, allowing businesses to focus fully on their core activities while being part of a dynamic and creative community.

In summary, the rise of coworking spaces in Paris 16 embodies the convergence of tradition and modernity, providing today's and tomorrow's workers with the tools and environment needed to innovate and succeed. By embracing the trend of coworking spaces and flexible offices, Paris 16 once again confirms its status as a global metropolis at the forefront of social and economic changes.

Coworking vs. Traditional offices 

Coworking in Paris 16 is an interesting alternative to traditional offices, as it can be managed by an operator or shared with other teams, providing easy access to meeting rooms and relaxation areas. In this district, several coworking spaces offer solutions tailored to the needs of contemporary workers, whether it's a collaborative space in a vibrant neighborhood or a private office in another arrondissement. We work with partners such as Regus, Morning Coworking, and Startway, who offer rental options.

The advantages of coworking and service contracts, compared to traditional leases, lie in their great flexibility. You can choose between coworking, professionally managed offices, or even office sharing. The contracts are all-inclusive and last from 2 to 24 months, renewable, and you also have access to meeting rooms. By opting for coworking, you will benefit from a professional environment with additional services such as equipped meeting rooms and an atmosphere conducive to productivity. You can also choose from different rates tailored to your specific needs.

What type of offices to choose in Paris 16 ?

If you are a small growing business, an independent worker, or simply looking for temporary workspace, it may be worth considering coworking as a practical and cost-effective solution. Therefore, it is recommended to explore the many coworking spaces available in Paris to find the one that ideally suits your professional needs.

It might be wise to avoid traditional commercial leases (such as 3-6-9 leases) as flexible offices and coworking spaces offer many advantages. They don't require an initial investment, the rent is usually all-inclusive, they offer great flexibility in terms of commitment duration, and allow for quick setup. It's up to you then to decide based on the number of workstations required, desired meeting rooms, coffee machines, and all the other elements!

In Paris 16 and throughout France, the supply of flexible offices has significantly increased in recent years due to the growing popularity of remote work and the increasing demand from businesses looking for flexibility and tranquility.

What is the cost of coworking or flexible office space in Paris 16 ?

The average monthly cost of a coworking space is around €650 excluding taxes, while it is €850 for a flexible office offering similar configurations. By sharing an office with another company, you can benefit from an average rate of €460 per month per workstation excluding taxes. Coworking spaces and operated offices stand out for their all-inclusive pricing, which includes all essential services such as cleaning, security, Wi-Fi, electricity, heating, and utilities, without any additional surprises.

Furthermore, many coworking spaces in Paris 16 offer a flexible pricing approach, allowing users to pay only for the services they actually need. This pricing adaptability enables small and medium-sized businesses, as well as independent workers, to enjoy a pleasant work environment conducive to productivity, even with a limited budget. The maximum number of available workstations in a coworking space in Paris 16 ranges from 1 to unlimited, with a focus on private offices that can accommodate teams of 5 to 10 workstations. Your choice will depend on your personal preferences, team size, budget, available transportation options, and current objectives.

Fiveoffices support - what do we do? 

Fiveoffices offers affordable office spaces for rent in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. A competent and impartial sales representative will be at your disposal to help you find the ideal workspace based on your needs. You will be the one to decide on your requirements such as the number of workstations, the availability of meeting rooms, the presence of coffee machines, the possibility of private offices, accessibility for people with reduced mobility, air conditioning, parking, access to public transportation, decoration related to your activities, and the other companies present in the space.

In the 16th arrondissement of Paris, you have several choices of collaborative workspaces suitable for all individual or shared requirements. The rental duration can be tailored from a few weeks to 35 months, with typically a one-year contract for rental services.

Fiveoffices offers various types of collaborative workspaces in different Parisian neighborhoods, including the 16th arrondissement, with all the necessary facilities to work in good conditions, including coffee. Whether you are looking for an individual workstation, a private office, a meeting room, or a space for your professional events, you are likely to find a space that suits your needs.

We specialize in renting operated offices, coworking spaces, or flexible offices specifically designed for teams of 5 to 100 members. Each week, we publish around 40 new listings, as well as numerous meeting rooms. We also need to know the different elements available in the workspace, such as the number of workstations, meeting rooms, coffee machines, private offices, accessibility for people with reduced mobility, air conditioning, parking, transportation access, decoration according to your activities, and other companies present.

On our website (, you can explore all the different coworking spaces available in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. We would be delighted to help you find a work environment that perfectly matches your professional activity, whether you are a startup, an SME, or a large company. Flexible offices are the ideal solution to meet your specific needs, such as easy expansion, quick opening of new branches, or efficient management of your hosting capacities.

With Fiveoffices, discover coworking spaces that are 2x cooler in Paris 16!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Paris 16, known for its exceptional living environment combining prestige and tranquility, stands as a premier choice for office rentals. It offers prestigious addresses within a verdant setting, featuring Haussmannian architecture, ideal for enhancing your company's image.

The 16th arrondissement is Paris's greenest, providing a pleasant daily life with numerous parks, gardens, and an unbeatable view of the Eiffel Tower from Trocadéro Gardens. The quality of life is high, with excellent access to public transportation, facilitating both professional and personal commutes.

The 16th merges high-quality real estate offerings with a privileged location. Neighborhoods such as Chaillot and Porte Dauphine, among the most expensive, offer an exceptional business environment. Excellent public transport ensures great mobility.

In 2024, the average price for a workstation in a coworking space in Paris 16 is estimated at 675 € per month excluding taxes for isolated spaces.

For flexible offices, the average cost is 810 € for similar setups.

Opting for office sharing with another company averages 465 € per month excluding taxes per workstation.

Choosing a coworking space in Paris 16 allows you to enjoy a pleasant and prestigious working environment, while benefiting from flexibility and inclusive services. It's an excellent way for companies to secure a renowned address without the costs associated with traditional rentals.

Selecting Paris 16 for your workspace means opting for an arrondissement of prestige, with a quality working environment, excellent accessibility, and a vibrant neighborhood life. It guarantees a prestigious address for your company in a motivating setting for your employees.

With Fiveoffices, you're guaranteed impartial support throughout your search process, from initiating your desires to completing negotiations.

The decision is yours: choose from a period of a few weeks to 35 months as it suits you! Focus on your business, and let us handle the rest.

The selection will depend on your personal preferences, the size of your team, your budgetary situation, transportation options, and primarily, your current desires. Fiveoffices is here to guide you towards the optimal office solutions.

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