Coworking and Flexible Offices in Paris 14

Coworking and Flexible Offices in Paris 14

The 14th arrondissement of Paris, known for its both residential and professional atmosphere, is becoming an increasingly popular choice for flexible office spaces (including coworking). This neighborhood, which offers a unique blend of tranquility and dynamism, attracts a variety of professionals looking for a stimulating and comfortable work environment.

An ideal living environment

The Bois de Vincennes, which borders the 14th arrondissement, not only offers green spaces conducive to relaxation and rejuvenation, but also cultural richness with its cinemas, theaters, and historic sites such as the Catacombs of Paris. This configuration allows employees to effectively balance work and relaxation, thereby improving their quality of work life.

Located in the 14th arrondissement of Paris, this lively neighborhood on the left bank of the Seine is known as an intellectual and artistic center of the capital. It is home to numerous theaters, museums, and art galleries.

Montparnasse, to the north of the arrondissement, is both a business district and a lively entertainment district in the evenings, thanks to the presence of numerous cinemas, bars, and restaurants.

The Montparnasse neighborhood, the 53rd administrative district of Paris, is located in the 14th arrondissement, on the left bank of the Seine, south of the intersection of Boulevard Montparnasse and Boulevard Raspail. A part of the neighborhood, specifically its southwest part, was integrated into the city with other municipalities and administrative divisions in 1860.

A varied range of flexible offices and coworking spaces

The wide range of coworking options in the 14th arrondissement caters to all needs, ranging from dynamic open spaces to private offices for large teams. These spaces are designed to promote collaboration, innovation, and networking among professionals from different sectors. Whether you are a startup, a freelancer, or an established company, you will find a space that meets your expectations.

Professional benefits

Choosing a space in the 14th arrondissement offers many advantages for businesses and professionals. The flexibility offered by these spaces allows for quick adaptation to changing business needs, while controlling costs through all-inclusive packages. In addition, the community spirit of coworking spaces encourages the sharing of ideas and can open the door to new business opportunities.

Accessibility and connectivity

The 14th arrondissement is exceptionally well served by public transport, making access from anywhere in Paris or the suburbs easy. Metro lines, buses, and even the tramway provide great mobility for professionals, making daily commuting easier and less time-consuming.

A neighborhood undergoing constant development

The 14th arrondissement continues to evolve, with the emergence of new coworking spaces and the renovation of neighborhoods like Montparnasse. This constant evolution contributes to strengthening the attractiveness of the neighborhood for businesses in search of a modern and inspiring workspace.

The 14th arrondissement of Paris represents a prime location for professionals wishing to settle in a coworking space or flexible office. With its pleasant living environment, diverse range of workspaces, and excellent transport links, the 14th arrondissement offers all the necessary conditions for working in the best conditions while benefiting from the advantages of a lively and culturally rich neighborhood.

Coworking and flexible offices in Paris 14

The coworking spaces and flexible offices located in the 14th arrondissement of Paris perfectly fit into this new era of collaborative work. They meet the needs of modern businesses, whether small or large, and with a startup mentality. The different office options offered by Fiveoffices integrate a modern and trendy style, as well as more traditional offices. In either case, these spaces offer a pleasant work environment, and even double the enjoyment!

By choosing to set up in the 14th arrondissement of Paris, you opt for a workplace in a dynamic and inspiring environment. It is where history, culture, and modernity come together, creating a stimulating and conducive professional setting for the growth of businesses and professionals who operate there.

Coworking spaces: flexible and inspiring solutions

Paris 14 provides a variety of shared workspaces and flexible offices that are perfect for modern businesses. These places have multiple meeting rooms to meet the specific needs of users. In addition to equipped offices and meeting spaces, they also offer relaxation areas and personalized services, creating an environment that promotes creativity and productivity.

Located in the heart of Paris, Paris 14 is a prime choice for entrepreneurs and companies looking for a central, dynamic, and well-connected location. This neighborhood combines accessibility, innovation, and quality of life, creating a stimulating and inspiring work environment that promotes business development and professional fulfillment.

Alternative options to coworking in Paris 14

For some time now, Paris 14 has become an important cultural, artistic, and fashion center, as well as an increasingly popular place for innovation and entrepreneurship. In this dynamic city, the professional landscape is evolving rapidly, as evidenced by the impressive growth of coworking spaces and shared offices. These places are not just shared workspaces, but they also reflect the change in practices and expectations of modern businesses, offering flexibility, networking opportunities, and inspiration in stimulating and well-designed environments.

Coworking in Paris 14 attracts a wide range of people, from independent entrepreneurs to employees of large companies, demonstrating the versatility and appeal of these places. Nearly 20% of coworking spaces in Paris 14 now accommodate teams from large companies, showing their increasing integration into start-ups' real estate strategies, regardless of their size. This is a profound evolution in the design of workspaces, emphasizing flexibility, exchange, and employee well-being.

In response to this growing demand, the use of flexible offices is becoming an attractive alternative for companies looking to optimize their rental costs without sacrificing the quality of their workspaces, regardless of the number of workstations they need. These solutions not only offer great adaptability in terms of size and rental duration, but also access to well-equipped and well-designed workspaces, usually located in central and vibrant neighborhoods of Paris. Entrepreneurs looking for rigorous budget management while benefiting from a stimulating and professional environment will find flexible offices particularly attractive.

The main players in the Parisian coworking market, such as WeWork, Morning, Wojo, and Spaces, are actively contributing to this transformation by offering constantly evolving innovative workspaces, including private spaces. These sites offer comprehensive services and great flexibility, allowing businesses to fully focus on their core business while being part of a dynamic and creative community.

In summary, the emergence of coworking spaces in Paris 14 symbolizes the convergence of tradition and modernity, offering today's and tomorrow's workers the tools and environment they need to innovate and thrive. By embracing this trend of coworking spaces and flexible offices, Paris once again confirms its status as a global metropolis at the forefront of social and economic developments.

Coworking vs. traditional offices

Coworking in Paris 14 provides an interesting alternative to traditional workplaces as it allows for management by an operator or sharing with other teams. This provides easy access to meeting rooms and relaxation areas. In this area of Paris, several coworking spaces are available to meet the needs of contemporary workers, whether you want a collaborative space in a lively neighborhood or a private office in another arrondissement. We work in partnership with players such as Regus, Morning Coworking, and Startway, who offer suitable rental solutions.

Flexibility is one of the advantages of coworking and service contracts compared to traditional leases. You have the option to choose between different types of workspaces, such as coworking, professionally managed offices, or shared offices. The contracts offered are all-inclusive and have a duration of 2 to 24 months, renewable. Additionally, meeting rooms are available. By opting for coworking, you benefit from a professional environment that offers additional services, such as equipped meeting rooms, which promote productivity. You also have the option to choose from different pricing options based on your specific needs.

What type of offices to choose in Paris 14?

Coworking is a practical and cost-effective solution to consider if you are a small, growing business, an independent worker, or simply in need of temporary workspace. In Paris, there are many coworking spaces available that you can explore to find one that perfectly suits your professional needs.

It may be preferable to avoid choosing a traditional commercial lease such as a 3-6-9 lease, as flexible offices and coworking spaces offer many advantages. They require no upfront investment, rent is generally all-inclusive, they offer great flexibility in terms of commitment, and allow for quick installation. You will have the option to decide on the number of workstations needed, desired meeting rooms, coffee machines, and all other details!

In France, the supply of flexible offices has seen a significant increase in recent years, due to the growing popularity of teleworking and the increasing demand for flexibility and peace of mind for businesses.

What is the cost of coworking or flexible office space in Paris 14?

The average monthly price for a coworking space is around €650 excluding tax, while for a flexible office with similar configurations, the average price is €850. By choosing to share an office with another company, it is possible to benefit from an average price of €460 excluding tax per month per workstation. Coworking spaces and operated offices are known for their all-inclusive and surprise-free pricing, including cleaning, security, wifi, electricity, heating, and utilities.

In addition, many coworking spaces in Paris 14 offer a customizable pricing approach, allowing you to pay only for the services you need. This pricing flexibility allows small and medium-sized businesses as well as independent workers to benefit from a pleasant work environment conducive to productivity, even on a limited budget. The maximum availability of workstations in a coworking space in Paris 14 ranges from 1 to an unlimited number, with a preference for private offices that can accommodate teams of 5 to 10 workstations. The choice will depend on personal preferences, team size, budget, available transportation options, and current goals.

How Fiveoffices can assist - what do we do?

You can rent affordable offices at Fiveoffices in Paris 14. A competent and unbiased salesperson will be there to provide personalized assistance in finding a workspace that meets your requirements. You will be the one to determine your needs, such as the number of workstations required, the availability of meeting rooms, coffee machine access, the possibility of private offices, accessibility for people with reduced mobility, the presence of air conditioning, parking availability, access to public transportation, decor in line with your company, and other companies present in the space.

In Paris 14, you have multiple options for collaborative workspaces that offer various types of offices, workspaces, and meeting rooms. Renting a coworking space or flexible office can be tailored to your needs and can last from a few weeks to 35 months. Typically, service lease contracts have a duration of one year.

Fiveoffices offers different types of operated workspaces, coworking spaces, or flexible offices designed for teams of 5 to 100 people. Each week, we publish about 40 new listings as well as many meeting rooms. Everyone asks us for this, so of course, we will also need to know the different features of your workspace, such as the number of workstations, meeting rooms, coffee machines, private offices, accessibility for people with reduced mobility, air conditioning, parking spaces, transportation access, decoration according to your company, and other companies present.

Explore all available coworking spaces in Paris 14 on our website ( We would be delighted to help you find a work environment that perfectly suits your business. Whether you are a startup, an SME, or a large company, these flexible offices are an ideal solution to meet your specific needs such as easy expansion, quick opening of new branches, and efficient capacity management.

With Fiveoffices, discover 2x cooler flexible offices in Paris 14!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Paris 14 is a vibrant district offering an exceptional quality of life with its parks, cinemas, and theaters, ideal for a work-life balance. The arrondissement is rich in culture and history, providing daily inspiration for professionals.

Coworking spaces in Paris 14 provide unmatched flexibility, fostering a startup spirit for all types of businesses. They enable enriching professional encounters, opening doors to new business opportunities while controlling costs through all-inclusive packages.

Paris 14 is excellently served by public transportation, including several metro lines (5, 6, 7, 10, 14), tramway T3a, and RER B, making work access and professional commuting across Paris and to the suburbs convenient.

In 2024, the average price for a workstation in a coworking space in Paris 14 is estimated at 600 € per month excluding taxes for isolated spaces.

For flexible offices, the average cost is 610 € for similar setups.

Opting for office sharing with another company is on average 360 € per month excluding taxes per workstation.

Paris 14 combines a pleasant residential setting with a strong presence of economic activities, making it an ideal place for companies looking to benefit from a stimulating environment while being close to numerous services and amenities.

Thanks to recent urban developments, Paris 14 is highly accessible by various means of transport, including tramway, RER, and several metro lines, ensuring easy access for professionals and their clients.

The district offers a dynamic work environment with numerous parks, business districts, and urbanization projects. This attracts a diversity of companies and promotes a vibrant professional network.

From classic open spaces to private offices, Paris 14 provides a variety of coworking spaces suited for any type of business, from startups to large corporations, all looking to benefit from the community spirit and flexibility.

Operated office spaces in Paris 14 offer significant contractual flexibility, allowing companies to quickly adapt to their evolving needs without the constraints of a long-term commercial lease.

With Fiveoffices, you're ensured support from an objective advisor, guiding you from the start of your search to the finalization of your commitment.

The choice is yours: from a few weeks to up to 35 months, the duration is at your discretion! Let us handle the formalities while you concentrate on your business.

Your decision will be based on your personal preferences, team size, financial capabilities, transportation options, and primarily, your current needs. Fiveoffices is here to assist you in selecting the most suitable office spaces.

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