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Beautiful Coworking and flexible office spaces in République

 Discover great coworking and flexible offices in République (Paris)

A district in the heart of the capital

The République district, located at the junction of the 3rd, 10th, and 11th arrondissements of Paris, is a dynamic and essential hub for professionals and entrepreneurs. Many startups, including us, Fiveoffices, are based here! Known for its exceptional accessibility, with metro stations such as République, Temple, and Arts et Métiers, République is the meeting point between history, culture, and the business world.

Accessibility and transportation: unparalleled connection

With the metro lines 3, 5, 8, 9, and 11 converging at the République station in Paris, residents and workers in this area benefit from great mobility. Whether it's for a business meeting, collaboration, or simply commuting to work, République is an ideal starting point.

There are many connections with bus lines 20, 56, 75, and 91, as well as with the Noctilien N01, N02, N12, N23, N141, and N142 lines. The station has been in operation since 1904. Every year, it welcomes 11.08 million travelers, and 30,357 transport tickets are validated there every day.

A flourishing business ecosystem

The République district in Paris is a fertile ground for technology startups, communication agencies, and design studios. This concentration of innovative companies creates a stimulating environment for entrepreneurs seeking to establish themselves in a vibrant and constantly evolving setting.

Local life and cultural dynamism

Gastronomy and Afterwork

  • The République district is famous for its many bars and restaurants, such as Le Derrière, Holybelly, or La Fine Mousse, offering perfect places for lunch breaks, informal meetings, or team events in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

A Vibrant Living Environment

  • République is also a young and lively district, where Parisian charm operates through its cobbled streets, Haussmannian avenues, and its proximity to mythical neighborhoods such as Le Marais and Rue d'Oberkampf. This effervescence makes République a highly sought-after place to live and work).

Why choose République for your flexible office?

Choosing République means opting for a district that perfectly combines accessibility, innovation, and quality of life. It offers a stimulating work environment, surrounded by a dynamic professional community, while enjoying the advantages of a rich and varied local life.

The advantages of coworking compared to traditional offices in République, Paris

In République, Paris, coworking spaces stand out for their conviviality, promoting creativity and productivity. Whether you are an independent worker, head of an SME, or a business executive, coworking offers a variety of options tailored to all needs, with competitive rents compared to the Parisian average.

Near République, Paris, coworking offers an interesting alternative to traditional long-term lease offices. It allows for management by an operator or shared with other teams. In the capital, there are several coworking spaces that offer solutions adapted to contemporary workers. Whether you want to work in dynamic neighborhoods like Bastille or in other areas, you have various rental options, such as Regus, Morning Coworking, and Startway. We have partnered with most of them.

The flexibility offered by coworking and service contracts, compared to traditional long-term leases, represents a significant advantage. It allows you to choose from various options, such as coworking, occupying a professionally managed office, or even sharing an office. All these advantages are included in a turnkey contract ranging from 2 to 24 months, renewable if necessary.

By choosing coworking, you can benefit from a professional working environment that also offers additional services, such as equipped meeting rooms and an atmosphere conducive to productivity. Moreover, you have the possibility to choose from various rates and packages tailored to your specific needs. Whether you are a small growing business, an independent worker, or simply looking for temporary workspace or a meeting room, coworking in Paris is a practical and economical solution. So feel free to explore the many coworking spaces in the French capital to find the one that perfectly matches your professional requirements.

In 2022, the offer of flexible offices in France is very extensive. The rise of telecommuting and the demand for flexibility and tranquility for companies have contributed to the growth of turnkey office spaces over the past decade.

One of the advantages of coworking spaces (and operated offices) is that the price is all-inclusive. Everything is included in the price, without any surprises. Cleaning, security, wifi, electricity, heating, charges, everything is taken care of! There are no additional taxes, charges, or other taxes to consider because everything is included 100%, even meeting rooms or your favorite rest area!

Some coworking spaces in République, Paris also offer flexible rates, allowing entrepreneurs to only pay for the space and services they actually need when they need them. This approach allows them to effectively manage their workspace and budget, avoiding unnecessary expenses. The rates are usually transparent, with no hidden fees, allowing office managers to precisely forecast future costs for their workspace.

Number of available workstations in République, Paris

What is the maximum number of workstations that can be reserved in a coworking space in République? The range goes from a single workstation to an unlimited number of workstations. Typically, requests are for access for 5 to 10 people in private offices. However, some coworking spaces offer the rental of entire floors with several tens of seats.

If you are looking for a single workstation, you have the choice between an "all-access pass" or a private office with one workstation. It is also possible to have a private office for 2 workstations. Prices range from 300 euros for the pass to 600 euros for a private office, monthly (not daily, obviously).

For a small team, composed of 5 workstations to 10 workstations, you can opt for an open space, but most clients prefer a private office. Some even choose to share offices with other companies, which is more akin to shared office rentals than coworking. If you appreciate this model, Fiveoffices also offers this option. In fact, we share our offices with 3 other companies.

Your choice will depend on your personal preferences, the size of your team, your budget, your typical workday, available transportation options, and most importantly, your current objectives. Fiveoffices is here to help you explore the different options and guide you toward the spaces that best meet your professional expectations in République, Paris.

In summary, in République, you have many coworking options offering offices, spaces, and meeting rooms to suit all needs. Whether you are looking for private offices or open spaces, depending on your preferences, you will certainly find a space that meets your expectations.

Duration of commitment for coworking in République (spoiler: there are plenty)

The duration of commitment is flexible, allowing you to choose according to your needs, ranging from a few weeks to 35 months. This adaptability allows you to focus on the development of your business while benefiting from a workspace solution that evolves with you.

Fiveoffices' support service

Fiveoffices offers office space rental in République, Paris, with a 0% commission! You have a wide range of choices, with coworking options, offices with variable durations, or shared with other companies, all privatized (sometimes in open spaces).

In addition, you will benefit from personalized assistance from a competent and impartial sales representative, who will help you define your search criteria and guide you through the entire process until the contract is signed. Fiveoffices offers you the opportunity to discover offices with flexible durations suitable for teams from 1 workstation to 100 workstations, with hundreds of available offices and approximately 40 new listings published every week. Our qualified teams specialize in this field throughout the year!

If you are looking for a collaborative workspace in République, our coworking network is at your disposal. We provide you with many coworking spaces in different neighborhoods, equipped with all the necessary services to allow you to work in the best conditions: private offices, meeting rooms, rental spaces, café, etc.

There are many reasons not to opt for a traditional 3-6-9 commercial lease: first, you don't have to budget for investment expenses, as the work, layout, decoration, and furniture are already included. In addition, the rent is all-inclusive, including costs, taxes and fees, electricity, heating, insurance, work layout and decoration, furniture, internet, cleaning, maintenance, and supplies such as coffee and printing. You also benefit from great flexibility in terms of commitment, from 2 to 36 months, and you can move in quickly in less than 48 hours.

  • If you are a startup, a long-term commitment may not be suitable. Therefore, you are looking for ready-to-use offices that allow easy expansion or quick termination with a short notice period. This can take the form of one or more offices in a coworking space, an independent turnkey space for a minimum of 6 months, or subleasing offices in Paris for at least 12 months.
  • If you are an SME, even with some experience and long-term establishment, opting for a service contract for your offices allows you to better manage the hosting capacity of your employees. Flexibility is essential to be agile in your business. Flexible offices offer you the possibility to place a project team in a coworking space for a few weeks or months, to quickly open local branches to test the market without significant initial investments, or to reduce the size of your offices while increasing services for your employees such as a cafeteria, a gym, or a concierge.
  • If you are a large corporation, you may face several issues. Your headquarters may be located in the suburbs, making it difficult to attract talent, especially as telecommuting develops and your offices run the risk of being empty. You may also lack space in your current premises to meet a new contract and temporarily need more space. Finally, if your real estate department is tired of managing commercial leases and wants to switch to a flexible solution across multiple sites in France, we can take care of the feasibility study, the search for spaces that meet your needs, and even provide you with a single monthly invoice for multiple sites.

Feel free to visit our website ( to discover all our coworking spaces in République. We will be delighted to accompany you in your search for a workspace that suits your business. With Fiveoffices, discover flexible offices that are twice as cool in this district of the capital!

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Frequently Asked Questions

République, situated at the junction of the 3rd, 10th, and 11th arrondissements, is a dynamic hub for professionals. Rich in history and culture, it has become a critical point for startups and businesses due to its exceptional accessibility and flourishing business ecosystem.

With metro lines converging at République station, the district offers unparalleled mobility, making business meetings and collaboration easy. This connectivity makes République an ideal place for easily reaching one's workspace.

République is home to a variety of businesses, including tech startups, communication agencies, and design studios. This concentration of innovation creates a stimulating environment, ideal for entrepreneurs looking to establish themselves in a vibrant setting.

Coworking spaces in République stand out for their conviviality and ability to foster creativity and productivity. Suitable for all needs, they offer competitive rents and a variety of configurations, from open spaces to private offices.

Famous for its numerous bars and restaurants, République provides perfect spots for lunch breaks and afterworks. The district is also lively and youthful, offering a pleasant living environment with its cobbled streets and Parisian charm.

Opting for République means choosing a district that perfectly combines accessibility, innovation, and quality of life. It offers a stimulating work environment, surrounded by a dynamic professional community and a rich and varied local life.

Flexible offices in République typically include charges, taxes, electricity, heating, insurance, internet, cleaning, and maintenance, eliminating investment expenses (CAPEX) and offering great contractual flexibility.

Startups find in République a conducive environment for growth, thanks to a culture of innovation and a community of like-minded professionals, thus fostering fruitful collaborations and networking.

SMEs benefit in République from the flexibility to adjust their workspaces as their needs evolve, surrounded by an economic dynamism and an efficient transport network, crucial for their development.

For large corporations, République presents an opportunity to embed their teams in a dynamic business ecosystem, with flexible office options allowing for rapid adaptation to new market demands and teleworking trends.

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