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9th arrondissement of Paris: flexible office space (operated offices, coworking or shared offices)

9th arrondissement of Paris and its coworking spaces, serviced offices, shared offices

The 9th arrondissement of Paris, with its lively atmosphere and central location, is THE preferred area for entrepreneurs and startups looking for a typical startup environment. There are numerous startups located here! This neighborhood, rich in culture, gastronomy, and business opportunities, offers an inspiring and stimulating work environment for professionals in all sectors.

Accessibility and transport: in the heart of Paris

The 9th arrondissement of Paris enjoys a privileged location in the Parisian transport network, making it easy and quick to access from any other part of the city. Here is a detailed overview of the available transportation options:


  • Line 2: Pigalle and Blanche stations, crossing Paris from east to west.
  • Line 7: Le Peletier station, providing connections to the north and south of Paris.
  • Line 8: Grands Boulevards station, for easy access to major commercial areas.
  • Line 9: Chaussée d'Antin - La Fayette and Richelieu - Drouot stations, allowing for efficient travel across the capital.
  • Line 12: Saint-Georges station, ideal for reaching the north of Paris.
  • Line 14: Saint-Lazare station, for fast travel and connection to train lines.

This excellent public transportation network makes the 9th arrondissement of Paris a prime location for businesses and professionals looking to maximize their mobility and efficiency in their daily travels.

Paris 9, something new!

The 9th arrondissement of Paris is renowned for its dynamic ecosystem dedicated to young expanding businesses. This gathering of innovation creates a lively atmosphere conducive to professional collaboration, offering entrepreneurs a flourishing network to develop their activities.

Restaurants and lively evenings are also friendly moments in this neighborhood. The diversity of restaurants and bars offers ideal opportunities for team lunches and after-work parties. Establishments such as the Amour hotel and Bleu Bao stand out for their varied culinary offerings and pleasant atmospheres, promoting informal exchanges and strengthening relationships among colleagues.

As for culture, the 9th arrondissement of Paris offers an inspiring environment. It is home to iconic places such as the Opéra Garnier, the Théâtre de l'Œuvre, and the Musée de la Vie romantique. These spaces, as well as green spaces like the Square Montholon, allow for relaxation and inspiration, enriching the professional experience in the neighborhood.

Collaborative spaces and customized services

Paris 9 offers a variety of flexible spaces in general, perhaps the most diverse in the capital. You have the choice between coworking spaces, flexible serviced offices, or shared offices. These shared workspaces not only provide equipped offices and meeting rooms, but also relaxation areas and personalized services, making the daily lives of professionals easier and fostering collaboration.

Benefits of a flexible office or coworking space in Paris 9

Flexible offices and coworking spaces in Paris 9 stand out for their flexibility, allowing easy adaptation to changing spatial needs of businesses. They offer economic benefits through cost sharing and access to modern amenities, facilitating collaboration and innovation in a well-served environment.

Why choose the 9th arrondissement for your workspace?

Choosing a coworking space in the 9th arrondissement of Paris means choosing a location at the crossroads of culture, gastronomy, and innovation. With its lively nightlife, cultural spaces, and dynamic business ecosystem, the 9th arrondissement offers an enriching and stimulating work environment for every entrepreneur.

Areas such as the Opéra Garnier, the Grands Boulevards, the Saint-Lazare station, and commercial spaces like the Galeries Lafayette stand out in Paris 9, offering a prestigious work environment rich in essential amenities.

Coworking compared to traditional offices in Paris

Coworking is an interesting alternative to traditional offices (3/6/9 lease) as it can be either managed by an operator or shared with other teams. In the city of Paris, many coworking spaces offer solutions tailored to contemporary workers. Whether you are looking for a collaborative space in lively neighborhoods like Saint Lazare or the Champs-Élysées, or prefer a private office in another arrondissement, you have multiple rental options, including Regus, Morning Coworking, and Startway. We collaborate with most of them.

The advantage of coworking and service contracts compared to traditional 3/6/9 leases is their flexibility, as you can choose between coworking, a professionally operated office, or even office sharing. All this in an all-inclusive turnkey contract, ranging from 2 to 24 months, with the possibility of renewal.

By opting for coworking, you can benefit from a professional environment offering additional services such as equipped meeting rooms and a productive atmosphere. Moreover, you have the opportunity to choose from different rates and packages tailored to your specific needs. Whether you are a growing small business, a freelancer, or simply looking for temporary workspace, coworking in Paris offers a practical and cost-effective solution. Feel free to explore the many coworking spaces in the French capital to find the one that perfectly suits your professional needs.

The supply of flexible offices has never been greater in France in 2022: the rise of telework and the need for flexibility and peace of mind by companies have been key factors in the increasing demand for turnkey office spaces over the past decade.

Price for a flexible office or coworking space in Paris 9

The average monthly price for a workstation in a coworking space is around 650 € excluding taxes, while for a flexible office offering similar configurations, the average rate is 850 €. By opting for office sharing with another company, you can benefit from an average rate of 460 € per month per workstation, excluding taxes.

The added value of coworking spaces (and serviced offices) is that the price is all-inclusive. Thus, everything is included in the price, from cleaning to security, WiFi, electricity, heating, and charges! No additional taxes, charges, or other fees, it's 100% all-inclusive.

In addition, in Paris, many coworking spaces offer adaptable pricing strategies, allowing entrepreneurs to only pay for the space and services they actually need, when they need them. This approach allows them to optimally manage their workspace and budget, avoiding unnecessary expenses. The pricing is often transparent, with no hidden fees, allowing office managers to accurately forecast the future costs of their workspace.

This flexible approach to pricing changes the game for access to private offices, making it a viable and affordable option even for small and medium-sized enterprises and independent workers. Thus, everyone, regardless of their size, can find a workspace that is twice as enjoyable as their budget would suggest, in an environment conducive to productivity and growth.

What is the maximum availability of seats that can be reserved in a shared workspace in Paris?

What is the maximum number of available workstations in a coworking space in Paris? The range varies from 1 workstation to an unlimited number of workstations. Usually, requests concern access for 5 to 10 people in private offices. However, some coworking spaces offer the rental of entire floors with several dozen workstations.

If you are looking for a single workstation, you have the choice between an "all access pass" or a private office for one workstation. It is also possible to have a private office for 2 workstations. The price ranges from 300 euros for the pass to 600 euros for a private office.

For a small team of 5 to 10 workstations, you can opt for open space, but most clients prefer a private office. Some even choose to share offices with other companies, which is more like office sharing than coworking. Fiveoffices also offers this option if you appreciate this model. In fact, we share our offices with 3 other companies.

Your choice will depend on your personal preferences, the size of your team, your budget, the available transportation options, and most importantly, your current objectives. Fiveoffices is here to help you navigate the options and guide you to the spaces that best meet your professional expectations in the dynamic 9th arrondissement of Paris.

In summary, in Paris, there are numerous coworking options offering offices, spaces, and meeting rooms suitable for all needs, whether private or open space, depending on your preferences. Whether you are looking for an individual space, a private office, or a meeting room, you will certainly find a space that meets your expectations.

Commitment duration for coworking and flexible office spaces

The commitment duration is flexible, giving you the freedom to choose according to your needs: from a few weeks to 35 months. This adaptability allows you to focus on developing your business while benefiting from an office solution that evolves with you.

Fiveoffices support service

Fiveoffices offers office space rental in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris at a lower cost compared to your budget! A range of choices is available to you, with coworking options, offices, and flexible or shared spaces with other companies, all privatized (sometimes open spaces).

In addition, you will benefit from personalized assistance from a competent and neutral salesperson, who will help you define your search criteria and guide you through the entire process until the conclusion of the contract. Fiveoffices offers the opportunity to discover turnkey flexible offices in the city suitable for teams ranging from 1 to 100 workstations, with hundreds of available offices and around 40 new listings published every week. Our Host teams specialize in this field all year round!

If you are looking for a collaborative workspace in Paris, our coworking network is suitable for you. We offer many coworking spaces in different neighborhoods, such as Montparnasse and Saint-Lazare. These workspaces are equipped with all the necessary services to allow you to work under the best conditions: private workstations, meeting rooms, rental spaces, coffee, etc.

Whether you need an individual workstation or a private office, our coworking spaces will meet your requirements. We also offer office rental for larger teams and workspaces for meetings or professional events.

There are multiple reasons why it is better to avoid choosing a traditional commercial lease (3-6-9): first, there are no investment expenses to consider, which means there will be no work, layout, decoration, or furniture costs. In addition, the rent is all-inclusive, including charges, taxes and fees, electricity, heating, insurance, fit-out and decoration work, furniture, internet, cleaning, maintenance, and consumables such as coffee and printing. It is also possible to benefit from great flexibility in terms of commitment, ranging from 1 to 36 months, and to quickly move in within 48 hours.

  • If you are a startup, a commitment of more than 3 years may seem like an eternity. Therefore, you are looking for ready-to-use offices that allow for easy expansion or the possibility to leave quickly with just a few months' notice. This can take the form of one or more offices in a coworking space, a turnkey independent space in a serviced office for a duration of at least 6 months, or subleased offices in Paris for a duration of at least 12 months.
  • If you are an SME, even if you have been established for years, opting for a service contract for your office spaces allows you to better manage the accommodation capacities of your employees. Flexibility is the key to being agile in your business. Flexible offices offer you the possibility to place a project team in a coworking space for a few weeks or months, to quickly open local branches to test the market without significant initial investment, or to reduce the area of your offices while increasing services for your employees, such as an in-house restaurant, a gym, or a concierge service.
  • If you are a large corporation, you may face several issues. Your headquarters may be located on the outskirts, making it difficult to attract talent, especially as teleworking is becoming more common and your offices may become empty. You may also run out of space in your current premises to fulfill a new contract and want to temporarily have more space. Finally, if your real estate management is tired of dealing with commercial leases and wants to switch to a flexible solution across multiple sites in France, we can take care of the feasibility study, search for space that meets your needs, and even provide you with a single monthly invoice for multiple sites.

You can also visit our website ( to discover all our coworking spaces in Paris. We will be delighted to support you in finding a workspace suitable for your activity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Paris 9 is a top choice for office rentals due to its vibrant atmosphere and proximity to the Central Business District. Boasting rich culture, varied relaxation options like the Opéra Garnier, and strong commercial appeal, it's the perfect place for businesses looking to establish themselves in a dynamic environment.

Flexible offices and coworking spaces in Paris 9 offer great adaptability, allowing businesses to swiftly adjust to their space needs. Additionally, cost-sharing and access to cutting-edge facilities are significant economic advantages that foster collaboration and innovation.

The 9th arrondissement enjoys excellent public transport connectivity, with several metro lines (2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 12, 13, 14) and RER stations (A, E), facilitating easy access and movements to other parts of Paris and its suburbs, making it an ideal location for professionals.

Paris 9 is known for its diverse business sectors, ranging from finance and insurance to luxury and cultural enterprises. The presence of theaters, museums, and shops makes it a dynamic and diverse district.

Notable areas in Paris 9 include the Opéra Garnier, the Grands Boulevards, the Saint-Lazare train station, and prestigious shopping zones like the Galeries Lafayette. These neighborhoods provide a prestigious setting and essential amenities for professionals seeking flexible offices or coworking spaces.

In 2024, the average price for a workstation in a coworking space in Paris 9 is estimated at 650 € per month excluding taxes for isolated spaces.

For flexible offices, the average cost is 850 € for similar setups.

If opting for office sharing with another company, the average cost is 460 € per month excluding taxes per workstation.

Paris 9 is experiencing dynamic development with numerous urban projects aimed at enhancing the district's appeal. These projects include public space renovations, transport infrastructure improvements, and cultural heritage valorization, further increasing its attractiveness for businesses.

Life in the 9th arrondissement is marked by a rich array of services, an abundance of restaurants, shops, and cultural venues, offering a dynamic and convenient lifestyle for residents and professionals alike, with easy access to essential daily services.

With its rich cultural heritage and numerous prestigious venues like the Opéra Garnier, Paris 9 offers an exceptional setting for hosting clients. Businesses can leverage this unique ambiance for memorable professional meetings in impressive settings.

Access is facilitated by an excellent public transport network, including multiple metro and RER lines. This ensures easy movement for professionals, making these spaces particularly attractive for startups, freelancers, and established companies looking to thrive in a dynamic and well-connected environment in the heart of the capital.

With Fiveoffices, enjoy the support of an impartial advisor dedicated to guiding you throughout your project, from defining your needs to contract negotiation, ensuring an efficient and targeted search tailored to your specific office space requirements.

You determine the duration: whether it's for a few weeks or up to 35 months, the choice is yours! Focus on your business with peace of mind, while we handle the rest.

Your decision will be based on your personal preferences, team size, financial resources, transport facilities, and primarily, your current desires. Fiveoffices is here to assist you in exploring your options and guiding you to the office spaces that best meet your professional needs in the dynamic 9th arrondissement of Paris.

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