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Paris 3 | Le Marais | Coworking, Flexible Offices and Operated Offices in Paris 3

Paris 3 | Le Marais | Coworking, Flexible Offices, and Managed Offices in Paris 3

The 3rd arrondissement of Paris is the favorite district of its residents (Paris Secret, study 2023). You will quickly understand why! With its dynamic atmosphere and cultural life, it has proven to be a fertile ground for the development of new types of offices, perfectly meeting the needs of modern professionals seeking flexibility and innovation. Between its historic streets and peaceful green spaces, this neighborhood offers an ideal work environment, harmoniously combining professional life and access to a multitude of services.

The 3rd arrondissement of Paris is a prime destination for professionals looking for a coworking space or managed offices to share. Its central location, cultural richness, and flexible working solutions make it a place where innovation, creativity, and collaboration come together, creating an ideal professional environment for companies wishing to embrace the startup spirit or continue their growth in a stimulating and inspiring setting.

Focus on the Marais district (Paris 3 and Paris 4)

This district offers a unique mix, combining peaceful residential areas and more lively sectors. Offices benefit from this duality by being located in emblematic Haussmann buildings or near iconic places such as the Centre Georges Pompidou and the Marais district, known for its artistic and commercial dynamism. This diversity of atmospheres promotes a stimulating work environment, conducive to innovation and networking.

As for green spaces, Paris 3 is not very green, with only 36 green spaces covering a total area of ​​2.5 hectares, ranking it 17th among the greenest districts in Paris.

As for sports activities, the 3rd arrondissement is home to the Michel Lecomte gymnasium, a sports complex that offers sports such as badminton, basketball, volleyball, dance, and martial arts. There is also the Carreau du Temple, a cultural and sports venue that offers sports, arts, and wellness classes organized by fifty associations. The Carreau du Temple also welcomes students from the neighborhood's schools for their physical education classes.

For those looking for something more unique, it is possible to find Pilates classes at Tchilo Lab, yoga at Studio Yoga République, and even an AquaBiking pool at Aqua By.

Located in the heart of Paris, the 3rd arrondissement is a tourist district that is often subject to noise nuisances, with an average sound level of 50.8 dB according to a study by Flatlooker. You have to love noise and urban life, that's for sure!

For dining, the Marché des Enfants Rouges is a must-visit place, classified as a historical monument and offering a variety of international cuisines. For fans of original cocktails, the Andy Wahloo bar with its kitschy decor is not to be missed. Otherwise, for a more basic atmosphere but with a (very) long happy hour, Café Léonard is the ideal place.

For an even more atypical experience, you can visit a speakeasy located at number 24 rue Notre-Dame de Nazareth. The grocery store conceals a secret door that leads to a bar with a retro and cozy atmosphere.

As for theater, Paris 3 is home to several theaters such as the Dejazet Theater and the Maison de la Poésie, which offer various artistic and literary events.

The oldest house in Paris is located at 49 rue de Montmorency, the house of Nicolas Flamel, known for his legend associated with alchemy and the search for the Philosopher's Stone.

In terms of buildings, Paris 3 is an old neighborhood, with 68% of the buildings built before 1919, and less than 5% built after 1990.

As for the population, the 3rd arrondissement has just under 35,000 inhabitants, with an average density of 29,081 inhabitants per square kilometer. The neighborhood mainly attracts a young population, with 25% of residents aged 15 to 29 and 24.5% aged 30 to 44. The demographic composition is characterized by a low proportion of families with children (13%) and a majority of single-person households (56.6%).

In terms of education, the 3rd arrondissement has 26 schools, ranking 14th among the districts with the best school facilities. Finally, it seems that the residents of the 3rd arrondissement feel at home, with 40.6% of households having been in the neighborhood for more than 10 years. People love it, and you will too!

Accessible? Yes! Touristy? Yes, but mostly on weekends.

The excellent access to Paris 3 makes it a strategic choice for professionals. The metro lines 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, and 11, as well as numerous bus lines (20, 29, 38, 39, 56, 69, 75, 91, and 96), make it easy to access from any point in the city. The proximity of major stations such as République, Arts et Métiers, and Rambuteau ensures optimal mobility throughout Paris. This ease of access is crucial for companies that value connectivity and want to offer their teams an easily accessible work environment.

The neighborhood benefits from excellent public transport connections thanks to the presence of 6 out of the 14 metro lines. Moreover, being located near Châtelet-les-Halles, residents of Paris 3 have access to 3 additional lines, although it is probably more convenient to make a connection rather than travel long distances in this underground labyrinth.

The Arts et Métiers metro station, located in the arrondissement and on line 11, is often considered the most beautiful station in Paris by many people. Its walls covered in copper and its imposing wheels coming out of the ceiling give the impression of traveling through time. It was designed by Benoît Peeters and François Schuiten to commemorate the bicentenary of the Conservatoire national des Arts et Métiers, thus paying homage to inventors and the industry of that time.

Restaurant and cultural hotspots in Paris 3

The 3rd arrondissement offers a rich and varied cultural and gastronomic life. For lunch breaks or business meetings, establishments such as the Marché des Enfants Rouges offer a variety of world cuisines in a friendly atmosphere.

Addresses such as Breizh Café or Le Derrière offer unique culinary experiences, perfect for relaxing moments with colleagues. On the cultural side, the proximity of museums such as the Picasso Museum and the Pompidou Center, as well as art galleries in the Marais, enriches daily life and inspires creativity and innovation. Our favorites in Paris 3: rue des Gravilliers, Chef Thaï, and Comptoir Gourmet (in Paris 4, but the entrance is on the Paris 3 side).

Where to have coffee or a cocktail?

In the third arrondissement, you can discover the most popular bars and clubs with great rooms, such as the Bar Nouveau, the Cambridge Public House, the Little Red Door, the Andy Wahloo, the Candelaria, the Bisou, and the Spootnik. The atmosphere is truly trendy in these places. However, be careful during Fashion Week, as the attendance in this neighborhood, especially around rue des Gravilliers, is very high. So it is advisable to arrive early to fully enjoy these places.

Flexible Offices / Coworking in Paris 3

Coworking and flexible offices in the 3rd arrondissement adapt to this new era of collaborative work, where the startup spirit infuses all professional levels, from small to large companies. Fiveoffices offers all types of offices, with super stylish and more conventional offices, in any case, cool offices, 2x cooler!

Choosing to settle in the 3rd arrondissement means choosing a workplace within a dynamic and inspiring ecosystem, where history, culture, and modernity come together, offering a rewarding and conducive professional environment for businesses and professionals to thrive.

Coworking Spaces: Flexible and Inspiring Solutions

Paris 3 offers a variety of coworking spaces and flexible offices tailored to the needs of modern businesses, with plenty of meeting rooms, yes, yes!! These spaces not only offer equipped offices and meeting rooms, but also relaxation areas and personalized services, in an environment conducive to creativity and productivity.

In conclusion, Paris 3 represents a prime location for entrepreneurs and companies looking for a central, well-connected, and dynamic location in Paris. Combining accessibility, innovation, and quality of life, the neighborhood offers a stimulating and inspiring work environment, conducive to business development and professional fulfillment.

Alternatives to Coworking in Paris 3

Paris 3 has long been an important cultural, artistic, and fashion center, but is also becoming increasingly popular for innovation and entrepreneurship. In this dynamic metropolis, the professional landscape is evolving quickly, as evidenced by the spectacular growth of coworking spaces and shared offices. These places are not merely shared workspaces; they embody the change in practices and expectations of modern businesses, offering flexibility, networking, and inspiration in stimulating and well-designed environments.

Paris 3, with its rich history and leadership role in many economic sectors, has quickly embraced coworking and flexible offices, positioning itself as a sought-after place for independent workers and innovative startups in search of adaptive and collaborative workspaces. The French capital now competes with cities like New York and Barcelona for the title of coworking capital, demonstrating its entrepreneurial dynamism.

According to recent studies, there are nearly 1,800 coworking spaces in France, representing over one million square meters of flexible office space, with a third of them located in Île-de-France and nearly a quarter in Paris. This high concentration of coworking spaces in the Paris region is not by chance; it reflects the growing demand from professionals seeking flexible rental solutions in line with market trends and specific workplace needs.

Coworking in Paris 3 is suitable for everyone, from independent entrepreneurs to employees of large companies, demonstrating the versatility and appeal of these spaces. Nearly 20% of coworking spaces in Paris now accommodate teams from large companies, showing their increasing integration into the real estate strategies of startups of all sizes. This reflects a profound change in the design of workspaces, favoring flexibility, collaboration, and employee well-being.

In the face of this growing demand, the use of flexible offices becomes an attractive alternative for companies looking to optimize their rental costs without sacrificing the quality of their workspaces, regardless of the number of workstations they require. These solutions not only offer great adaptability in terms of size and rental duration but also access to well-equipped and well-designed workspaces, usually located in central and vibrant neighborhoods of Paris. Entrepreneurs seeking budget control while benefiting from a stimulating and professional environment will find variable-term offices particularly attractive.

The main players in the Paris coworking market, such as WeWork, Morning, Wojo, and Spaces, actively contribute to this transformation by offering innovative and evolving workspaces, including private locations. These sites offer comprehensive services and great flexibility, allowing companies to focus fully on their core business while being part of a dynamic and creative community.

In summary, the rise of coworking spaces in Paris 3 symbolizes the convergence of tradition and modernity, offering today's and tomorrow's workers the tools and environment they need to innovate and prosper. By embracing the trend of coworking and flexible offices, Paris once again confirms its status as a global metropolis at the forefront of social and economic developments.

Choosing coworking is an interesting option compared to traditional offices in Paris, as it can be managed by an operator or shared with other teams, but in any case, there will be plenty of meeting rooms, no worries (and plenty of places to have a coffee!). In Paris 3, several coworking spaces offer solutions tailored to contemporary workers. Whether you are looking for a collaborative space in lively neighborhoods or a private office in another arrondissement, you have multiple rental options, including Regus, Morning Coworking, and Startway, with whom we collaborate.

The advantages of coworking and service agreement contracts compared to traditional 3/6/9 leases lie in their flexibility, allowing you to choose between coworking, a professionally operated office, or even sharing an office, in an all-inclusive contract lasting from 2 to 24 months, with the possibility of renewal, and with meeting rooms available. By opting for coworking, you can enjoy a professional environment offering additional services such as equipped meeting rooms and an atmosphere conducive to productivity, while having the opportunity to choose from different rates tailored to your specific needs.

What type of offices to choose in Paris 3?

Whether you are a growing small business, an independent worker, or simply looking for temporary workspace, coworking represents a practical and cost-effective solution. Do not hesitate to explore the numerous coworking spaces in the French capital to find the one that perfectly meets your professional needs.

It may be advisable to avoid traditional commercial leases of the 3-6-9 type, as flexible offices and coworking spaces offer many advantages, such as no investment expenses, all-inclusive rent, great flexibility in commitment, and quick installation. It is up to you, depending on the number of workstations, meeting rooms needed, coffee machines requested, and everything else!

In France, the offering of flexible offices has considerably increased in recent years due to the rise of teleworking and the need for flexibility and tranquility for businesses.

What is the cost of coworking space or flexible office in Paris 3?

For a coworking space, the average monthly price is around €650 excluding taxes, while for a flexible office offering similar configurations, the average rate is €850. By sharing an office with another company, you can benefit from an average rate of €460 per month per workstation excluding taxes. Coworking spaces and managed offices are known for their all-inclusive pricing, without surprises, including cleaning, security, Wi-Fi, electricity, heating, and charges.

Moreover, many coworking spaces in Paris 3 offer a customizable pricing approach, allowing you to pay only for the services you actually need. This pricing flexibility allows small and medium-sized businesses as well as independent workers to benefit from a pleasant work environment conducive to productivity, even with a limited budget. The maximum availability of workstations in a coworking space in Paris 3 ranges from 1 to an unlimited number, with a preference for private offices that can accommodate teams from 5 workstations to 10 workstations. The choice will depend on your personal preferences, team size, budget, available transport options, and current objectives.

Fiveoffices Support - What Do We Do?

Fiveoffices offers affordable office space for rent compared to your budget in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris. You will benefit from personalized assistance from a competent and impartial salesperson to help you find the ideal workspace for your needs. Impartial = no recommendation of specific locations, it will all depend on you and your needs (number of workstations, meeting rooms, coffee machines, private offices, accessibility for people with reduced mobility, air conditioning, parking spaces, transport access, decoration related to your activity, and neighboring companies in the space).

In Paris 3, there are many coworking options offering offices, spaces, and meeting rooms adapted to all needs, whether private or open. The commitment duration with a coworking space or flexible office can be adapted, ranging from a few weeks to 35 months, in general, the commitment durations in service agreement contracts is one year.

Fiveoffices offers a variety of coworking spaces in different neighborhoods of Paris, including Paris 3, with all the services and meeting rooms needed to work under the best conditions (coffee included). Whether you need an individual workstation, a private office, a meeting room, or space for professional events, you will certainly find a space that meets your expectations.

We specialize in the rental of serviced offices, coworking spaces, or flexible offices suitable for teams ranging from 5 workstations to 100 workstations, with approximately 40 new listings published every week, and plenty of meeting rooms. It's crazy, everyone asks us about that of course, we will also need to know: What will be the different elements available to you in this workspace, such as the number of workstations, meeting rooms, coffee machines, private offices, accessibility for people with reduced mobility, air conditioning, parking spaces, transport access, decoration related to your activity, and other neighboring companies present in the space?

Our platform ( allows you to discover all our coworking spaces in Paris 3. We would be delighted to accompany you in your search for a workspace suitable for your business. Whether you are a startup, an SME, or a large company, flexible offices allow you to meet your specific needs, such as easy expansion, quick opening of new locations, or capacity management.

With Fiveoffices, discover 2x cooler flexible offices in Paris 3!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The 3rd arrondissement, alive with dynamic ambiance and cultural wealth, emerges as a premier location for professionals seeking flexibility and innovation. Its unique blend of historical alleys and green spaces provides an ideal work setting that balances professional life with access to a multitude of services.

Straddling the 3rd and 4th arrondissements, Le Marais is celebrated for its artistic and commercial vibrancy. Establishing offices in this district means immersing in a stimulating atmosphere conducive to innovation and networking, fueled by its unique diversity and mix of quiet residential areas and bustling zones.

The 3rd arrondissement's excellent connectivity, thanks to numerous metro and bus lines, makes it a strategic choice for companies that value connectivity. This ensures optimal mobility across Paris, making the district easily accessible for teams and business partners.

Paris 3 boasts a rich cultural and gastronomic life. Venues like the Marché des Enfants Rouges and Breizh Café offer diverse and friendly culinary experiences, ideal for lunch breaks or business meetings. Proximity to museums like the Musée Picasso also enriches professionals' daily lives.

Choosing a coworking space or a flexible office in Paris 3 means setting up in a dynamic and inspiring workplace. These spaces promote a spirit of collaboration and innovation, providing companies of all sizes with a enriching professional environment conducive to flourishing.

The average price for a workstation in a coworking space is estimated at €620 per month excluding taxes for isolated spaces. For flexible offices, the average cost is €650 for similar configurations. Opting for a shared office with another company presents a more economical option, at about €495 per month excluding taxes per workstation.

Choosing a neighborhood in Paris 3, such as Arts-et-Métiers or the Marché des Enfants-Rouges, offers a dynamic professional setting and a central location. The neighborhood's attractiveness, accessibility, and services play a crucial role in team well-being and the company's image.

Fiveoffices provides personalized guidance from an impartial expert, supporting professionals through every step of their search, from defining initial needs to contract negotiation and space visits.

The commitment duration ranges from a few weeks to several years, allowing businesses to focus on their development without worrying about real estate constraints. This contractual flexibility is ideal for adjusting to the evolving needs of the company and promotes a more agile management of the workspace.

The ideal selection of a workspace depends on various factors, including personal preferences, team size, budget, transport access, and, primarily, current desires. Fiveoffices stands ready to guide professionals to the offices that best meet their requirements, offering a wide range of coworking spaces and flexible offices in Paris 3. This tailored approach ensures that each business finds a workspace suited to its needs, fostering its growth and success in the dynamic ecosystem of the 3rd arrondissement.

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