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(too) Frequently asked questions 

As a tenant, can I become a Host ?

Fiveoffices allows you to you sign a service agreement with a company looking for office space. This is not a sublease. It's a simple contract to make areas of your offices available for the duration of your choice, on your terms. You have the right to become a host, event if you are a tenant. 

How can I list my office ?

Publishing an office on Fiveoffices takes about 5 minutes.  Bring along your best photos of your space (as bright as possible), and follow the step-by-step process. 

If necessary, our experts are available to help you create your ad to maximize the visibility of your spaces.

How can I choose the guest company ?

Once your listing has been published on the platform, you'll receive contact requests from companies looking for office space. In particular, you can access the following information: type of company, business sector, number of positions sought, desired duration, proposed visit slots. 

As soon as you confirm a proposed visit, the company's contact details are automatically sent to you. The office visit is an opportunity to discuss the terms of the contract with your future host (the company looking for office space).


How to sign the contract and receive my payments?

Following the visit, you can offer to sign a service contract directly on the platform. If you wish, you can upload your own contract template. The Guest company can suggest modifications, or accept the contract directly. Payments are made directly from the platform via our secure payment interface.

How much does Fiveoffices cost?

The publication of a listing is completely free. You will only be charged Fiveoffices service fees if you sign a contract with a Guest company, according to the pricing detailed below.





Of the total contract value.*
Paid upfront, for a 6 months or less contract's duration.


Of the total contract value.*

Paid monthly, for a 6 months of more contract's duration.

*Renewals included, up to a maximum of 24 months.

"On adhère à 100% à ce format, pour deux raisons : par souci économique on doit optimiser nos charges de bureaux, et ça crée une superbe ambiance de travail pour tout le monde et les équipes peuvent échanger entre elles."

"Fiveoffices est simple d'utilisation, en 2 clics j'ai créé mon annonce et quelques minutes après, j'ai eu le plaisir d'être conseillé par un membre de l'équipe Fiveoffices pour mettre en valeur mes bureaux et les occuper le plus rapidement possible !"

"Impressionnant. Onboarding simple. Négociation facile. Rien de superflu. Nous avions deux propriétés disponibles. L’affaire a été conclue pour chacune en moins de 15 jours. Que dire de plus ? Presque déçu de ne pas avoir autre chose à publier sur Fiveoffices."

"We 100% love this model : for economic reasons we have to optimize our office space costs, and it creates a superb working atmosphere for everyone and the teams can exchange ideas with each other."


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