Private office with 5 workstations in the 10th arrondissement

4 seats • 20 m² • Available from: 03/06/2024

Ref: 125-192
Private office with 5 workstations in the 10th arrondissement

4 seats • 20 m² • Available from: 03/06/2024

Private officeParis 10th

Ref: 125-192

You have a private office; spaces such as meeting rooms or the kitchen are shared.

4 Meeting rooms
2 Phone booths
Private entrance
Ground Floor


Rent this office from 2 to 35 months

Security deposit

A security deposit is required

Full time

The office is available from Monday to Friday.

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Enjoy a private workspace for a team of 5 people in the heart of Paris. Becoming a member of our community gives you access to the following spaces and services: - 4 meeting rooms for 1 to 10 people - PHOTO STUDIO, pack shot, pro-photo flash and cyclo background. - 2 Conference rooms with a maximum capacity of 60 participants - Company domiciliation (from €45/month) Our spaces are designed to encourage exchange and community life, our aim being to bring together entrepreneurs with complementary expertise who are willing to share. The...

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Paris 10th, France

Chateau d'Eau3 min walking
Chateau d'Eau - metro-4
Saint-Denis Porte de Paris3 min walking
Saint-Denis Porte de Paris - metro-13
Strasbourg-Saint-Denis7 min walking
Strasbourg-Saint-Denis - metro-4Strasbourg-Saint-Denis - metro-8Strasbourg-Saint-Denis - metro-9
Gare de l'Est8 min walking
Gare de l'Est - metro-4Gare de l'Est - metro-5Gare de l'Est - metro-7
Poissonnière8 min walking
Poissonnière - metro-7
Cadet9 min walking
Cadet - metro-7

Included services

4 Meeting rooms
2 Phone booths
2 Kitchens
1 Lunch area
4 Restrooms
1 shower
1 Relaxation area
Disabled access
Cleaning Service
1 Reception area
€ 500 seat/month (exc. VAT)
Projected start and end dates
Select dates (optional)
€ 500/seat per month (exc. VAT)

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More details on the office

This private office with 5 workstations is located in the 10th arrondissement of Paris. With a surface area of 20 square meters, it offers a comfortable and productive workspace. The monthly price is 2,250 euros, with a price per workstation of 450 euros. The office is fully furnished and has its own private entrance. It is suitable for full-time use and provides standard access to public transportation. The office is in average condition and does not have natural light. If you are looking for a flexible office rental in a convenient location, this private office is a great option.