Large Mezzanine under glass roof ☀ Super equipped office ⚡

1 seat • 12 m² • Available now

Ref: 651-475
Large Mezzanine under glass roof ☀ Super equipped office ⚡

1 seat • 12 m² • Available now

Shared officeMontrouge

Ref: 651-475

You share the office as well as all other spaces.

1 Open space
Shared entrance
1st Floor


Rent this office from 1 to 12 months

No security deposit

No security deposit required

Full and part-time

Office available for a full week, or for 2, 3 or 4 days per week.

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Space under glass of 120 m2 in Montrouge, close to shops and transport. The layout features plants and recycled materials. In a relaxing open space, 4 offices are equipped with double screens and a workstation that charges your laptop. Locker, headphones, printer, meeting room, drinks and snacks are available.

Montrouge, France

Mairie de Montrouge7 min walking
Mairie de Montrouge - metro-4
Barbara8 min walking
Barbara - metro-4
Bagneux Lucie Aubrac16 min walking
Bagneux Lucie Aubrac - metro-4
Porte d'Orléans17 min walking
Porte d'Orléans - metro-4
Châtillon-Montrouge18 min walking
Châtillon-Montrouge - metro-13
Laplace18 min walking
Laplace - RER-B

Included services

1 Open space
Natural light
1 Lunch area
1 Restroom
Air conditioning
Cleaning Service
0 Parking Spots
Bike storage
Whole Floor
Office Manager
Card-key access
From € 132 seat/month (exc. VAT)
Projected start and end dates
Select dates (optional)

It's a top pick. Enjoy great quality for the price you pay with this office.

Best deal
From € 132/seat per month (exc. VAT)

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More details on the office

This shared office is located in Montrouge, France. The office is a large mezzanine under a glass roof, providing plenty of natural light. The office is super equipped and in good condition. The office type is shared and can accommodate one person. The office has excellent public transport access and is a flexible office rental option with full and part-time options available. The monthly price per workstation is €330 and the price per square meter is €27.