How it works

We match hosts and guests, offer and demand

As a host, we help you fill and monetize the extra office space you’re not currently using, typically for a period of 2 months to 2 years. And take care of the key operational processes such as contracting, safeguards and invoicing.

As a guest, we help your business stay flexible in terms of growth and location by offering you a choice in office size and rent duration. So you pay only for what your business needs today, and be nimble in the future.

Here’s how Fiveoffices works:

  1. Hosts put their available office space on the Fiveoffices platform, listing key information about the space and (sub)leasing details such as price, duration, etc.

  2. Guests use our advanced search functionality to find the best potential (sub)lets that fit their needs.

  3. Our platform then facilitates the match, communication, and workflow between host and guest, paving a smooth road to a contract agreement.

  4. We help host and guest come to a final contract agreement using a simple contract wizard with standard, transparent terms for leases and subleases.

  5. Finally, we facilitate any subsequent operational steps such as invoicing, insurance, and re-subscription, so that the process for both host and guest is as easy as possible from beginning to end.