Our passion : fill empty office spaces !

In the beginning

An idea born out of passion

An idea born out of passion

Really cool offices right in the city center, richly equipped... and yet empty or underused? What if we let other companies benefit from such amazing spaces?

Our observation: a waste of space

From the beginning, the idea of Fiveoffices is simple: provide an ultra-intuitive platform that finds you the coolest, flexible, turnkey offices - which are currently empty or underused. All within a few days, from search to contract and payment!

Founded after the Covid crisis, Fiveoffices understands that the way offices are occupied is changing: companies need more flexibility, to reduce their costs, and to decrease their ecological footprint. And all while occupying inspiring offices that their employees love!


Fiveoffices is a Franco-Luxembourgish PropTech startup born in 2022 from the desire and obsession of the two founders, Daniel Schneider and Robert Glaesener, following the COVID crisis, to fill empty office spaces (yes! That's our mission now, our DNA, we love it!). Fiveoffices raised 3.2 million EUR in 2022.

Today, Fiveoffices is a platform for office rentals that meets the needs of companies (mainly from 5 to 100 people) to find cool, flexible, turnkey offices that suit them. The type of office space offered has expanded; it can include temporarily unoccupied offices to share, operated offices, or coworking spaces. Currently, our teams, nearly 30 people, are located in Luxembourg and France, mainly in Paris, signed already hundreds of contracts!


The passion of our teams: finding spaces seen nowhere else! Our guarantee: nearly 40 new offices every week!

Be ready

Choosing us, Fiveoffices, means:

✔️ Offices seen nowhere else.
✔️ A 0% commission.
✔️ Turnkey spaces, ready for use.
✔️ Flexible commitments from 2 to 35 months.
✔️ Nearly 1,000 offices online.

Choosing us, Fiveoffices, is not:

❌ Biased salespeople.
❌ 3 | 6 | 9-year commitments.
❌ Expensive and noisy coworking.
❌ Hidden costs.
❌ Complex leases that lock you in.


How do we work?

We believe that to offer the best service to our clients and partners, we must strive every day to be a better version of ourselves.

Our Operating System and our Leadership Principles are the backbone of our daily actions. Everything is designed to ensure the service is the best and that we are proud of what we do! An organization that is both cool and military-like, to ensure we are efficient!


And, most importantly, what are our values?

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Diversity and inclusion

We embrace diversity and we enrich our common values from different perspectives, we know we are stronger together - not particularly alike.

🏠 Be a Host #beahost

We are embracing warmth, openness, and a transformative impact in all our interactions. We always welcome others’ minds and questions.

👁️ Host & Guest Obsession #obsession

We are passionately dedicated to enhancing every journey for our hosts and guests. We try to constantly challenge ourselves to improve their journey.

😄 Simplification and smile #simplify #smile

We are striving for simplicity in all we do, for customers and colleagues alike, and we are fostering a joyful and positive environment wherever we are.

🚅 Speed. #speed

We are prioritizing rapid delivery and action, valuing speed in serving our customers, but also in providing quick improvements to the overall organization.